The Benefits of Direct Care: Is it the Right Option for your Specialty?

Tea Nguyen, DPM teaches about doctors who want autonomy practicing medicine (for patients who look for doctors who give them more time). Come learn about the benefits of Direct Care to see if it's a right option for your specialty.

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The Direct Care movement is expanding exponentially and for some there is still fear about practicing medicine without relying on insurance reimbursement.

I’ll share with you all of the patients who sought my medical expertise despite having health insurance and why the world need more Direct Care Specialists to serve them. Those who are uninsured or have a high deductible insurance are looking to access medical without hassles and by doctors who will actually take the time to listen to their patients. Plus, more innovative treatment options are often not a covered benefit, but are worth offering to patients. Come learn about the benefits of Direct Care to see if it’s a right option for your specialty.

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