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Emergency Medicine | Healthcare Management | Physician

I am an ED doc, an outdoor enthusiast, a point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) expert and lover, an author (of a children book!) and an entrepreneur. And who knows what’s next?

For over 10 years, I’ve enjoyed a rich career in emergency medicine. I’ve also had plenty of opportunities to stay off the grid. I completed fellowships in wilderness medicine and ultrasound which opened up new doors for me. I spent my early years learning about healthcare disparities in underserved areas of the world and tried to contribute the best I could. I was also fortunate to work and travel in Nepal, including volunteering at Everest ER at Everest Base Camp for the 2016 climbing season. This led to magical connections, inspired purpose, and the formation of a nonprofit, Musa Masala (musamasala.com), dedicated to providing education on how to stay safe, healthy, and culturally aware while traveling in the mountains. Not only do we do all of the above, but we also support health and education initiatives in Nepal. We sponsor an annual dental camp in a remote area and offer nursing school scholarships to young Nepali women.

Ultrasound was my best friend on every medical mission I ever went on. It gave me the confidence to make decisions when I was days away from definitive care. POCUS is also essential in my medical practice in the United States. As the ultrasound director, I was fully committed to demonstrating the importance of POCUS to the residents and ensuring that they mastered this skill. I’m now on a mission to build high-quality, efficient POCUS programs that will enable providers to use this tool to provide better care to their patients. With this in mind, I founded Hello Sono (hellosono.com).

I love backpacking, mountaineering, cross-country and downhill skiing, and birding. I hope to compete in a biathlon one day. I’m quite a good shot!

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I replace stethoscopes with POCUS because POCUS is so much better!
Tatiana Havryliuk, MD
Tatiana Havryliuk, MD

I replace stethoscopes with POCUS because POCUS is so much better!


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