How-To Physician

A 12-episode series, with physicians lecturing about a skill outside of medicine that they've leveraged, and are now passing on to you

It’s easier than ever, in the digital world of today, for physicians to connect. In this series, physicians teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged in a single, casual hour.

How to Be a Great Doctor & Still Take a Spontaneous Day Off

"How to Be a Great Doctor & Still Take a spontaneous Day Off": Dr. Julie K. Gunther

Dr. Julie Gunther is a Board Certified family physician who has owned her own independent direct primary care practice in Boise Idaho since 2014. She completed her undergraduate work at Harvard University, pre-med work in a post-baccaularate program at Vanderbilt and earned her MD from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a breast […]

How to Network (As a Physician) & Always Win

“How to Approach Networking & Always Win”: Dr. Ona Utuama

Dr. Utuama is a family physician-hospitalist and public health researcher who joined us to causally lecture about her experiencing with networking, and what’s worked for her.