Outside Normal Standards

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Some professionals don’t practice within societal definitions of “norm”. Meet 10 physicians who take on a different angle with their time.

Uncovering Culinary Secrets

SERIES Uncovering Culinary Secrets 12 written episodes Though nutrition education isn’t emphasized in the long hours of medical training, the rate of diet-related chronic disease is rising with no end in sight. Presenting 12 episodes of practical evidence-based food facts even doctors can learn from. Featuring: Dr .Nisha Patel Creators: Dr. Dana Corriel Subscribe to […]

Conversations with Shem

Conversations with Samuel Shem: Putting the HUMAN Back into Medicine (show with Shem)

Medical literature icon Samuel Shem, author of “The House of God” tackles the difficult conversation of “How Healthcare is Broken” with a rotating panel of physicians.

Health Innovators Series

Physicians are thinking outside the box and pushing themselves past healthcare “comfort zones.” Join as they “take a chance” on sharing their ideas.