David Rosenblum, MD

David Rosenblum, MD

Let anecdotes inspire questions, questions inspire research, and the evidence guide the way.

Wendy Schofer, MD

Wendy Schofer, MD

“Your healthy weight is created by building strong relationships with food, body, and family.”

Keira Barr, MD FAAD

Keira Barr, MD

Learning to accept and then love the skin you’re in exactly the way it is, is to liberate yourself to live the life you crave.

Randy Cook, MD, FACS

Randy Cook, MD

“Empowering physicians to achieve their highest clinical and leadership potential.”

Elena Shea, MD, IBCLC

Even in Healthcare, We're So Easily Connected: Featuring Dr. Elena Shea

“Empowering parents and supporting families so they can raise healthy happy children”