Carmen Brown, MD

“You CAN have a balance that will fulfill you professionally and personally. Find your path to happiness.”

Terri Malcolm, MD

Terri Malcolm, MD on the SoMeDocs Databank: "In service to my colleagues, I strive to earn their trust in helping them to design and achieve their highest ideals as physicians, leaders, and fulfilled individuals."

“As Physician Leaders, how can we maintain a sense of career and life joy, when we can’t always control what’s happening? Challenge ourselves to control the way we respond to what’s happening – that’s where our power lies.”

Erin Stevens, MD

Erin Stevens, MD on the SoMeDocs Databank

(SoMeDocs Databank) Name & Credentials: Erin Stevens, MD   Specialty: Author/Book Obstetrics/Gynecology   Location: Minneapolis, MN   Topics I cover:   Contraception Pregnancy and postpartum care Sexual health   What makes me STAND OUT:   I have a passion for legislative advocacy and patient education. As such, I testify at our state House and Senate, […]