Podcast: The Dr. Francavilla Show

Hosted by obesity expert and family physician Dr. Francavilla, this podcast is full of the science behind why its hard to lose weight, tips for how to be successful, and motivation to improve health.

Podcast: Thrive Bites

Podcast: Thrive Bites

A health & wellness interview show discussing a plant-powered lifestyle, enhancing emotional wellness, and creating a thriving mindset!

Podcast: Exam Room Exposed

Deborah Charfoos, MD

Go into my gynecologist office where I discuss topics from birth control to menopause, mental health and much more!

Speaker: Matthew Mintz, MD

Matthew Mintz, MD

Dr. Mintz is a veteran speaker with expertise on a variety medical conditions (including medical cannabis and CBD), medical education, and helping physicians start their own practice.

Practicing Pediatricians

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem: Don't Leave it to Chance!

Pediatricians (MD,DO, or MBBS) who are looking for a professional environment to share, collaborate, support, and exchange ideas.

Speaker: Basma S. Faris, MD, FACOG, CCMS

Dr. Basma Faris Course in SoMeDocs University

Dr. Faris is one of a select few physicians who have also trained as a Registered Dietitian. She is one of fewer OBGYNs with a background in nutrition and can speak on any topic where nutrition and Women’s health intersect.

Podcast: The PainExam Podcast

David Rosenblum, MD

A podcast featuring PainExam.com’s and NRAP Academy’s creator David Rosenblum, MD, discussing Pain Management for a variety of chronic pain complaints, new treatments, evidence and controversial topics, and geared towards clinicians who treat pain, pain patients and their families.