Sejal Desai, MD

Sejal Desai, MD

I use evidence-based medicine and my 20+ years of clinic experience to help patients lose weight, keep it off & live their best lives!

Sanad AlShareef, DO

Sanad AlShareef, DO

My goal is to help my patients lead the healthiest version of their lives whether they are 18 or 81 years young.

Richa Mittal MD

Richa Mittal, MD

“I share tools to help people live a life in balance in order to have a life well-lived.”

Danielle J. Miller, MD

Danielle J. Miller, MD

DPC owner focused on fertility wellness and community health, in addition to comprehensive family medicine.

Michelle Haggerty, DO, MPH

Michelle Haggerty, MD

Matrescense (birth of a mother), like menarche and menopause, is a transformative period, a right of passage.

Brianna Clark DO, MPH, CNPM, CLC

Brianna Clark DO, MPH, CNPM, CLC

What does transformation and a better future look like? A happier, healthier, more equitable society. A more informed and accepted generation of parents equipped to raise healthy children without fear of discrimination.

Sharon Ng, MD

Sharon Ng, MD

Anti-corporate exploitation of physicians. Let’s take back medicine.

Anusha Khan, MD

Life-long learner who’s passionate about education, longevity/prevention medicine, and practicing medicine on my own terms.

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