Diana Londoño, MD

Supernova Sistas Physicians in Motion

In this Livestream podcast, we discuss topics that affect us all such as mindset, movement, connection, gratitude, purpose, boundaries, holistic care, and positivity to name a few with my co host, Dr. Nupi Arora, a general practitioner in the UK.

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Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

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About the Podcast

We are two physicians, a general practitioner in the UK Dr. Nupi Arora, and urologist in Los Angeles Dr. Diana Londoño, who love each other and believe in love and amplifying women and men and helping others rediscover their light and joy in life.

Our purpose is to start our day with an intention of joy, positivity and light as it Livestreams every other Tuesday at 7:30 am PST/ 10:30 EST on Linkein, YouTube and Facebook under “The Glitter Practitioner.” You can also find the replay under my You Tube Channel “Diana Londoño MD” or listen to the audio version on Spotify.

We have an incredible lineup of physicians and leaders as guests;  change makers in their chosen fields who share our passion and mission.

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Supernova Sistas Physicians in Motion

ideal listener

Anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into things that are not taught in school but essential for aligning our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

What An Audience Gains By Tuning In:

This podcast is about bringing light, passion and love into your day. It is about starting the day with an intention of positivity and joy bringing passion, enthusiasm into the conversation but realizing we all have light (#fizz) and #fire within us. This podcast is a time to reflect on topics that can help maintain balance in components for health including the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects. It will also give tools and and systems to incorporate in daily life to continue daily work of finding joy, purpose, and fulfillment in life. Side effects may include: happiness, laughter, making your body move, feeling #fizz or #fire within you, noticing increasing facial expressions or even skipping on your way to work. Please consult your physician if you experience other unexpected side effects, results may vary.

The Human Behind It All.

Dr. Diana Londoño is a Board-Certified Urologist and one of the 10% of urologists in the US who is a woman, and the 0.5% that are Latinx and a woman. Dr. Londoño is originally from Mexico City, and she received all her education in the Los Angeles Area, going to Claremont McKenna College for her undergraduate studies, then attending UCLA for her medical school training. She finished a 6-year residency in Urology at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles. She is a Certified Life Coach and Founder of Physician Coach Support.com, a free and confidential peer support platform for physicians which is available 7 days a week via zoom. She has experienced burnout twice which led her to use her experiences and become a writer in multiple platforms and an international speaker discussing topics such as wellness, boundaries, ego, humanity in medicine, mindset, and mindfulness. She incorporates movement in her talks and will dance or #moveforwellness to promote messages about self-care on IG. She also has been featured on TV on Univision, Telemundo, Mundo Fox, CNN Latino, KCET, and as a health consultant and discussing different urological topics. Dr. Arora is a a General Practitioner (Family Physician) in UK, with a career in medicine spanning over 2 decades. She is a specialist with lead roles in Deprivation Medicine, Trauma Informed Care, Child Safeguarding, ACE’s and Domestic abuse. She is also a Spiritual and Transformation Life Coach, Mentor, and Public Speaker. Dr. Arora helps others realign and replenish their whole self-health needs with her holistic prescription “The F List” – a framework she developed from her own experience, learnings & recovery from burnout 12 years ago, to specifically bring holistic care to her patient community alongside conventional medical practice. Her “F” list includes “F off, Focus and Breathe, Food, Fluids, Fresh Air, Fun, Friends, Flip, Flow and Fabulous.” She also includes the mantras “I will, I want to and I am worth it.”

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Diana Londoño, MD

Supernova Sistas Physicians in Motion

In this Livestream podcast, we discuss topics that affect us all such as mindset, movement, connection, gratitude, purpose, boundaries, holistic care, and positivity to name a few with my co host, Dr. Nupi Arora, a general practitioner in the UK.

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