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You’re Getting this Because:
You’ve left your mark on the person piecing this together.

What You Do:
Just fill out the form below. Literally, that’s it.

What We Do:
We’ll be producing a written series. We will scout the interesting others who, like you, bring an exciting a spin into this project. We will build this out cohesively, and hoping in a series you’ll be proud to take part in.

What We’d Love in Return:
When the series debuts, we’d love for you to share it far and wide, with all of your friends, family, and social audience.

The form:

Here we go.

This is all you need. Keep in mind that after pressing submit, you won’t be able to edit this. Please reach out at drcorriel@gmail.com if you have any questions after submission.

Ideally, 1000 x 1000 pixels please


Your full name, as you'd like it to appear in the series.

What prompted you to seek out something outside of the "normal standard"? Was it an event? A person? Tell us.

Ideally 1000 x 1000 pixels please


Ideally 1000 x 1000 pixels please


If we ask you to explain how you do "outside standard normals" in a 60 second or under video, using your mobile device, would that be possible? You would either post it on your own social account, or send to us. Either way, this would show up inside your series feature so that our audience can actually actually hear you speak (adds significantly to the impact!) If a majority of our featured experts answer 'yes' to this, we'll be in touch.

2-3 sentences max, please. This will go at the bottom of your feature, along with one link (which you'll add below).

Where can folks find you if they're interested in connecting. Provide a link and include "https://" in front (for ex, https://doctorsonsocialmedia.com)

Simply for our records


That’s it. You’re done.

Now was that painful?? We didn’t think so.

Thank you so much for participating

love, Doctors On Social Media

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