Why Build This?

The healthcare space is big and overwhelming. We wanted to build a space where we could showcase those who are still early on in their healthcare journey, but interested in expanding their opportunities, and engaged in a venture (ours) that connects them with others from across the space, regardless of physical location. 

We’ve added a student directory into our DIRECTORIES section, which houses profiles of medical and pre-medical students, which we make accessible to the public.

Our profiles are unique not only because they’re magazine-spread quality, but because they’re searchable using specifics you won’t find elsewhere (“I’d like to find a cardiologist who podcasts and also has presence on Youtube!”. Sure, you can find it in our directory!)

We’re disrupting our field by making it easier than ever to find, and connect with, verified health experts. 

Build your profile by submitting the form below.

*NEW* Get Help Building Your Profile

(an add-on service)

You can now have our team build a profile FOR YOU. Simply purchase that service (it’s a $99 flat fee) using the button below. You’ll 1st get redirected to a calendar, where you’ll pick a convenient day/time to meet with us and provide us with the details we need. Once you pick this 45-minute session (can take much less time, esp if you provide all necessary details ahead of time), you check out with your payment. Our team will meet at the designated day.time to either build the profile or show you what we already built!

(To edit an existing profile, press here). Please regard this as if it’s a profile being built in a magazine. Complete this form in one sitting. Once submitted, your form will be received by the SoMeDocs team, who optimize, beautify, & publish your page, a process that take up to 1-2 workdays. You’ll be emailed the link, once published, and be able to edit the profile from there, as info changes. SoMeDocs co-promotes your profile if, when you share it on social media, you tag us, @SoMeDocs.

Your profile appears below here, once published. If you don’t see it, you either haven’t built one yet, or have submitted an edit (which takes up to 24-48 hours to show)

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