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  • Course Creator (15)
  • Community Organizer (10)

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This directory showcases students interested in medicine, and categorizes them for quick & easy connections. Our goal is to promote connections. 

Find the student whose profile you want to open, to further learn about them, or use the filters on the side to narrow down your search.

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We built this directory for everyone to freely use.

Here are just a few examples of who we envisioned could use it:

  • an employer looking to hire you can take a look at your SoMeDocs curated profile
  • a journalist looking for a quote from a quality student
  • a startup business looking to fill up their board, or advisory positions
  • a business looking to get the word out on their new health invention and looking for students active on specific social media platforms
  • an event looking for new, dynamic speakers in the health field
  • a podcast yearning for student guests (including doctors who look!)
  • SoMeDocs is hoping to integrate the DOCTOR and STUDENT Directories, in order to facilitate mentorship, collaborations, and more exciting projects, outside established institutions.

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At SoMeDocs, we believe quality matters where it comes to health.

We aim to:

1) fiercely promote individual REAL doctors within the unpredictable healthcare system of today, in order to support their independence 

2) educate & support a behind-the-scenes community of doctors

3) facilitate networking in a profession that so badly needs it

Quality health expert connections shouldn’t exist behind pay walls. They should be free, seamless, & quick. And we’re delivering that. Now scroll through our mall to meet our medical rockstars.

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