Stephanie Marie Kafie, MD, CCFP

Wife, Mother, Family Physician


Dr. Stephanie Kafie, BHSc(H), MD, CCFP (COE) is a family physician with a particular passion for the bookends of life – the alpha and the omega (the beginning and the end). Dr. Kafie completed medical school, residency in Family Medicine, and fellowship in Care of the Elderly at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences in Health Promotion from Western University in London, Ontario. Dr. Kafie furthered her education by completing additional training through Marquette University’s Institute in Natural Family Planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, qualifying her to teach the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning. Furthermore, she is an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) at McMaster University where she teaches medical students and residents. She works in a variety of settings, providing medical care to seniors in nursing homes and retirement homes. She is passionate about providing quality and evidence-based care to patients at all stages of life.
While on maternity leave in 2020, Dr. Kafie became the Founder and CEO of a virtual medical clinic called, “Totally Yours Family Medicine.” This clinic is focused on women’s health concerns, and on teaching couples Natural Family Planning. The clinic offers a natural, effective, and research-based option for couples looking to avoid or achieve pregnancy by tracking their cycles. Totally Yours Family Medicine is the only clinic in Ontario offering instruction in the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning and is accessible by all residents of Ontario.
Dr. Kafie spends most of her time with her husband and three trilingual children in the Niagara, Ontario region. She is often running, biking, or dancing her way through the beautiful chaos of life with small children. She brings the perspective of a “Doctor Mom” to her work – with the medical training to guide families and the life experience to provide compassionate care.

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Canadian Family Physician focused on Natural Family Planning and Care of the Elderly
Stephanie Marie Kafie, MD, CCFP
Stephanie Marie Kafie, MD, CCFP
Wife, Mother, Family Physician

Canadian Family Physician focused on Natural Family Planning and Care of the Elderly

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