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– inclusion of your company’s name, tagline, and short description (plus link) in the landing page of one of our lectures, either coming up live, or on demand (has already happened)

– for live events, mention of your company as sponsor each time we circulate the lecture across our social media and email to notify our audience.

Cost: $449 for one upcoming live lecture, $799 for two
$499/month for a lecture on-demand

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– live inclusion in a virtual networking event we uniquely host, monthly.

– mention as sponsor inside the content that markets our event (both before & after)

– take an active role in our timed ‘speed networking’, as sponsor, and introduce yourself/your services in your own slot

– exclusivity: our events are strictly doctors-only, and we reserve a very limited number of slots for sponsors, who wish to mingle with us, and listen to what we present there.

– unique opportunity to support a venture promoting doctor autonomy, and be active as part of the change.

– do NO work. Just join what we build!

– one representative per virtual session

Cost: $1,399

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Get involved in our events

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– inclusion of your company’s name, tagline, and link, in the landing page of our conference, as a sponsor.

– mention of your company as sponsor in our correspondence, inside our newsletter at least once a month until event (over 6.300 subscribers), & circulated across our socials at least once monthly (>40,000 followers), including in our:

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public mention during the conference, thanking you as a sponsor

– (optional WHOLE SHEBANG) everything listed above, including both LIVE + one speaker slot (must be relevant to the conference niche & approved by SoMeDocs)

COST: $1,999
Optional Whole Shebang: $9,997

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