Speaker: Tod Stillson, MD

Speaker: Tod Stillson, MD

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Empowering physicians to achieve professional autonomy through micro-business mastery, Dr. Tod Stillson delivers transformative insights into the business of medicine and entrepreneurial success.

Topics Covered:

#1: Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Virtual Private Practice Paradigm

#2 Lifestyle Design in Medicine: Job Stacking for Personal Well-being and Professional Growth

#3 Employment Lite: What’s Old Is New Within The Safe Harbor of Employment

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Tod Stillson, MD, is a renowned family physician, entrepreneur, and Amazon best-selling author of “Doctor Incorporated: Stop the Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy.” His work is dedicated to empowering physicians to achieve professional autonomy through micro-business competency.

As the founder of SimpliMD, Dr. Stillson has established an exclusive community that supports doctors on their journey to mastering micro-business skills. SimpliMD offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including community support, educational courses, engaging content, personalized coaching, and expert consultation. His blog, “The Truth,” regularly informs and inspires physicians about the benefits and transformative potential of micro-incorporation.

Dr. Stillson is also a sought-after international speaker, known for his compelling presentations on the business of medicine. He shares valuable insights at prestigious conferences and events worldwide, guiding physicians on how to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry while maintaining their professional autonomy.

With a deep understanding of both the medical and business worlds, Dr. Stillson bridges the gap between clinical practice and entrepreneurial success. His book, speaking engagements, and the SimpliMD community collectively reflect his mission to empower every US physician to thrive as a micro-business within the marketplace.

Dr. Stillson’s dedication to his craft and innovative approach have made him a leading voice at the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship, inspiring countless physicians to take control of their professional destinies.

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