Randie Schacter, MD

Speaker: Randie Schacter DO, DFAACAP

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I am a dynamic speaker that engages their audience. I am invited back to speak wherever I speak. I listen and evolve.

Topics I Speak About:

#1: Gender differences in burnout - not just the what but the why.

#2 How to start a private practice

#3 Benefits of Art in managing stress and anxiety

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I have been giving talks and lectures since residency and love to share my knowledge in an interactive engaged format because that is how I love to learn. The material is presented in a flexible style where questions, conversations and important information is weaved together so that it is not just a lecture but an experience. The depth and detail of the material is then tailored to the needs of the audience in a more appropriate and relevant manner. I currently run a program for medical professionals that teaches them how to incorporate mindfulness, CBT, meditation and empowerment to navigate stress and anxiety. As a psychiatrist I am comfortable with most topics related to mental health issues. Having given lectures on varied subjects, across the country, in the course of my career, I find a joy in sharing what I know and the pleasure in others when they can learn and understand what I have to offer our time together. Common talks have included how to start a private practice, Managing stress and burnout, gender differences in stress and burnout, Mindfulness based Stress Reduction, Managing Anxiety disorders, Understanding Depression and treatment, Understanding Self-Injurious Behaviors, Autism – Assessment and management

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