Matthew Mintz, MD

Speaker: Matthew Mintz, MD

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Dr. Mintz is a veteran speaker with expertise on a variety medical conditions (including medical cannabis and CBD), medical education, and helping physicians start their own practice.

Topics I Speak About:

#1: Medical Marijuana and CBD: A Physician's Guide for Patients and Health Care Providers

#2 Update in the Management of Asthma and COPD

#3 How to Start Your Own Concierge or Direct Primary Care Practice

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Dr. Matthew Mintz has been in clinical practice for 25 years. During most of that time he has served as a public speaker locally and nationally to health professionals, educators, and the general public. Dr. Mintz has been published in the medical literature, the media, and most recently authored the book “Medical Marijuana and CBD: A Physician’s Guide for Patients. Dr. Mintz speaks in three general areas: Medicine, Medical Education, and Starting Physician Private Practices. Dr. Mintz is an expert on a variety of medical conditions including respiratory and metabolic disease, as well as medical cannabis and CBD. Dr. Mintz served as assistant dean for curriculum, led his instructions curriculum revision in 2013, and founded a national group for clinical skills course directors. Dr. Mintz has started both concierge and direct primary care practices, and desires to help other physicians in doing the same in order to improve health outcomes, quality of care, and reduce physician burnout.

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