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Speaker: Louis M. Profeta M.D.

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Dr. Profeta channels three decades of Level 1 Emergency Medicine to bring an open-book rawness to audiences that are desperately hungry for an honest and open discussion of some of the most important issues of our time. He can make you laugh, cry, and shake your fist in anger…often within a few minutes of time.

Topics Covered:

#1: A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying with the Fat Boys - "A powerful and poignant discussion of drug and alcohol abuse and risk taking behavior on college and high school campuses that may just save your child's life.'

#2 Three Lessons - "An uplifting and emotional journey through three lessons for life as told through the eyes of an ER doc."

#3 Your Kid and My Kid aren't Playing in the Pros - "Based on his award winning article by the 2014 Society of Professional Journalism, Dr. Profeta takes an honest look at youth athletics and the long term impact over-specialization plays in the family dynamic."

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Dr. Louis M. Profeta is a nationally recognized, award-winning writer and Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis, a level 1 trauma center. He has cared for more than 100,00 patients. He is the best-selling author of the critically acclaimed book The Patient in Room Nine Says He’s God. He is a dynamic and sought-after public speaker and frequent guest on TV and radio. He brings a raw and passionate reality to campuses and corporate events across America. Some have described his presentations as some of the most brutal, realistic, life changing and impactful dicscussions ever given on a host of topics such as drug and alcohol abuse on college and high school campuses, occupational burnout and spirituality, end of life care and the impact of youth sports . He is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the most widely read opinion essayists in America today.

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