Kashif Piracha, MD

Speaker: Kashif J. Piracha, MD FACP

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a nutshell about me

I can engage, captivate and get my point across better than anybody else. My speaking fees are a fraction of the value that I provide.

Topics I Speak About:

#1: Living with Chronic Illness: How to take care of your nutritional needs

#2 Living with Chronic Illness: How to cope emotionally and come out on top

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Speaking is all about communication. It is about connecting with the audience at a personal level. I have the ability to reach my viewers by addressing their questions in a way they feel connected with me and the topic I am speaking on. I have spoken extensively on a broad range of medical topics including congestive heart failure, IgA nephropathy, rhabdomyolysis induced kidney injury, living with chronic illness.

My audiences have been diverse too, including internal medicine residents and faculty, nephrology fellows and faculty and Tomball chamber of commerce. I have been consistently rated one of the best speakers on the circuit. I have a successful You Tube channel with hundreds of subscribers and my videos have been watched thousands of times.

If you want a speaker with a great persona, excellent communication skills, who is reliable and can get his point across effectively, I am your man.

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