Ilan Shapiro, MD

Speaker: Ilan Shapiro MD, MBA, FAAP FACHE

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“Vaccinating against fear with a dose of truth” and “Translating medicalish to our communities”, bilingual and bicultural

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#2 Translating “Medicalish” to an understandable language for all ages and stages in a human life

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My passion has always been to convert health information into action improving the wellbeing of our communities.

Since 2009, I have been regularly appearing on several national and international outlets (such as CNN, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, EstrellaTV and radio) to share information about emerging healthcare topics; translating “Medicalish” to an understandable language for all ages and stages in a human life. Having on average more than 1 billion single views per year.

Following my pediatric and public health passion, I practiced as a pediatrician in Florida, which led me to AltaMed, one of the largest FQHC in the US as the Chief Health Correspondent and Medical Affairs Officer for AltaMed with a great dynamic team serving over 350k patients.

I am an energetic physician that creates solutions for our Community.

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