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Speaker: Carly Crewe, MD CCFP

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Empowering audiences to take action on improving their mental health and reach their full potential in life and business.

Topics I Speak About:

#1: When is Good Enough, Enough? Perfectionism and It's Impact on Your Mental Health Speaking to the sneaky yet damaging nature of perfectionism, something that is commonly discussed but actually misunderstood. This talk introduces the audience to the misunderstood nature of perfectionism, explores the relationship between perfectionism and burnout, and teaches listeners how to both identify perfectionism in themselves and use intentional and simple strategies to know when good enough is enough.

#2 My Notifications Are Off: Work-Life Boundaries For High-Achievers Who Can Never Shut Off Our culture has conditioned so many of us to crave and find satisfaction in being productive and available for our work (or business) at all times. However, for the sake of our lives outside of work and our own mental health, this is simply not sustainable. In this presentation, Carly provides listeners with a fresh perspective on creating healthy work-life boundaries that is based in basic brain science and harnesses our understanding of external accountability to help listeners feel confident creating boundaries in their own lives so they can thrive in both their personal and professional roles.

#3 You Don't Own That: Navigating the Fall Out of Interpersonal and Emotional Boundary Setting Having healthy interpersonal boundaries is one of the most important mental health strategies you can have. However what often holds us back from setting those boundaries is fear of "the fallout" - the reactions of others and how they treat us afterwards. In this talk, Carly will help listeners identify what relationships need improved boundaries, how to put those boundaries into place and critical mindset and behaviour shifts that they need to adopt to weather the (inevitable) fallout. (Workshop also customizable to healing professionals - How To Not Take Your Client's Problems Home With You)

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about the speaker

Dr. Crewe is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker who’s talks are grounded in the compassionate understanding that at our core, we are more alike than we are different. Designed to ensure her audience feels seen and supported in their lived experience, while empowering them to take actions to bring themselves closer to their fullest potential. Carly speaks openly and honestly about her own experiences to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health symptoms and illnesses. Carly’s talks are grounded in simple neuroscience, use metaphors and humour to help listeners understand their experiences and gain a fresh perspective on their challenges. To round out the experience, Dr. Crewe also ensures to include practical and realistic strategies and tools to ensure her audience walks away feeling empowered and inspired.

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