Brian R. Gantwerker, MD, FAANS, FACS

Speaker: Brian R. Gantwerker, MD, FAANS, FACS, FACNS

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Dr. Gantwerker is a uniquely engaging and personable neurosurgeon who can engage, explain, and entertain one on one, or even in to a large audience of experts or laypeople. He is a great listener and empathetic physician who has been on both sides of the healthcare fence, both as surgeon and patient family.

Topics Covered:

#1: Physician Advocacy and Patient Engagement

#2 Understand Why Everything Sucks in Healthcare

#3 How to Understand a Visit with Your Doctor and How To Be a Self Advocate

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about the speaker

Dr. Gantwerker has been an invited guest and speaker at over a dozen podcasts and media appearances. He has been interviewed by the NY Times, Becker’s Spine and Healthcare, and has interacted with Senators, Congresspeople, policymakers, and known medial expert interviewers. He has extensive experience in physician empowerment, patient engagement and advocacy, and is an expert on neurosurgical and spinal disease. He is an easygoing interviewee and speaker, and is known to break down complex topics into easily understandable concepts. Dr. Gantwerker injects humor, pop culture, and real world examples and is known to be extremely engaging, warm, funny, and intelligent in coversation.

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