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* Louis Profeta, MD *




What are you really good at?


Writing for the masses and creating viral content that resonates with the average reader.  I understand that writing has to have a poetic rhythm to be powerful.  It actually has to physically move the reader.



Have you had any formal training in this? Any course or preparatory recommendations?


I have had no formal training, it comes from years of trial and error.  I pay close attention to what content and style resonates with people, and what doesn’t. I learn from my mistakes.



How do you fit your skill into your day? What’s your ‘secret sauce’ (aka: any special secrets)?


I am writing in my head all day long every day.  I am always looking at simple scenes and trying to create imagery with words.  I find myself practicing on the mundane.  I look at a boring scene and try to imagine it as something else.  It actually makes the world more spiritual.



What are three excellent tips you have for those who look to excel in what you’re great at?






What is one single, most valuable piece of advice you can impart?


There are people who have stories and there are people who can tell stories.  It takes a ton of practice, a willingness to open yourself up, and the ability to put aside your ego to be able to do both. Don’t think that just because you have a graduate degree it somehow gives you a leg up on either of those two facts.



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