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* Amy Shah, MD *




What are you really good at?


What am I good at? I am really good at putting out content on Instagram and growing organically. I have no preplan or emotion on how it performs – I just post as I think of it. I think that’s the key- don’t over complicate things and don’t be attached.



Have you had any formal training in this? Any course or preparatory recommendations?


No course- but I talked to a bunch of people who are experts for guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help- I was totally willing to pay people for their time. I once paid the mindbodygreen (a big wellness website) social media head to work with me.



How do you fit your skill into your day? What’s your ‘secret sauce’ (aka: any special secrets)?


Special secrets: yes! Make a template on canva. It’s a free app. Then just plug in your thought and publish! It literally takes 2 minutes to finish the process from start to finish.
Another tip: watch what performs well. What is it telling you? Maybe that means more of that kind of content.



What are three excellent tips you have for those who look to excel in what you’re great at?






What is one single, most valuable piece of advice you can impart?


My best tip? Be YOU, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, authentic. Share your story,  your trials, your failures. No matter what reason you are building a platform – people want to connect to another human story.



Where can we find more of you?




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