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Our group Training AND Growth Sessions take place every month, exclusively for NETWORK members.


September 18 at 12 PM EST

Feedback/Group Accountability


October 16 at 12 PM EST

Feedback/Group Accountability


Nov 13 at 12 PM EST

Feedback/Group Accountability


Dec 11 at 12 PM EST

Feedback/Group Accountability


Monthly 60-min virtual group meetings, arranged by SoMeDocs, to help with social media understanding & growth.

In a nutshell:


  • 60 mins session
  • exercises, accountability, growth
  • rotating platforms covered
  • come when convenient
  • observational CME credit available


The Nutshell: We’re getting together, as a group, to learn about social media, practice our skills, and help each other to grow. A different platform will be featured each month, in rotating fashion, so that we can cover them all. Join us and learn how to build online presence.

Meet the Teacher

Our trainer is an expert who is not only a medical doctor, but has also been growing in the social media space for years.

Dana Corriel pointing (1)

Dana Corriel, MD

Dana Corriel, MD, is the founder/CEO of SoMeDocs & an advisor to companies, digital startups and individuals’ brands that desire to stand out in the digital space. Her “special sauce” skills include digital design & unique ideas, which enhance company growth & user experience, social content created rapidly for competitive growth, & community building strategies. She adds particular value to startups in the health & healthcare space, having practiced medicine as a board-certified internist & being an active player in the space & a pioneer in the healthcare digital revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help



It is for physicians: to showcase their work and skills. To get hired by outside companies, events, for side work, etc, It is also for meeting other physicians, networking.

It is also for non-physician experts. We newly opened up our databank to dentists, podiatrists, and nutritionists.

It is also for experts who are not health experts. They bring with them skills to make us, the health experts, better at writing, at marketing, at leading and standing out. So they’re getting a section built out, too.

It is also for the rest of the world. Anyone interested in finding, and following, an actual health expert, is welcome to peruse our site. The key is that this space is open-access and free for all to read. So yahoo!! Let’s get crackin’.

We currently showcase physicians (& experts for health experts) who join as members.

We have two basic levels of memberships: PORTFOLIO and NETWORK.

Options for joining us here.



Check out our new section, Experts for Health Experts. Join us to get your profile, and portfolio, built. Right here.

You don’t have to,

You can purchase entry at our highest level, currently called “NETWORK’ level, and have access to all of the niches. We will build a page for you that’s specific to that niche (podcasting, speaking, writing, course  creating, or coaching).

Yes, our NETWORK level members have a monthly virtual networking hour, where we speed pitch what our “asks” are for the month, get to meet others, and see exactly what everyone else is doing, and how we can help.

We’re newly implementing a monthly professional development hour starting June 2022. We’ll be bringing in exceptional speakers, learning from them together, and discussing what we’ve learned, all in a condensed hour.


Absolutely not.

It is meant to more quickly connect you, the reader, with verify health experts (in our case, physicians with medical degrees).

If you are not a physician, but would like to meet incredible physicians and read/watch how they plan to innovate, click into our departments.

There, you can choose who to connect with by category (writers, podcasters, consultants, etc), or soak up our exclusive series, described as “like netflix, but for healthcare”, meant to entertain, educate, and start meaningful discussions.

While it’s true that a one-on-one interaction behind closed exam doors with a health expert can’t be beat, sometimes you simply want general information. Quicker information. And straight from the source.

Google searches won’t always show you the expert. They’ll show you the highest paid bidder. We make them easier to find.


Find a verified physician who is creating content online. Now you can search based on your needs: by medical specialty (if you want to read about high blood pressure, for example, straight from an expert’s mouth), or by their side gig in our “departments” (if you want to listen to a doc who’s podcasting, for example, or read an expert’s book, etc).


Find physicians for your project, whether it’s consultants your startup needs, or a verified expert as speaker for your next event.

Podcasters/Content Creators:

Get linked up with quality guests on your show, faster. Our departments are filling up with verified experts. They’re simply a click away.


No more HARO. Go straight to the source. Physicians are now creating online, and accessible at the click of a button. We know because we’re helping them create this accessibility. Reaching them more rapidly means a quicker story gets created for your publication. It’s a win-win.


If you’d like to pitch us working together in some capacity, please send the details to somedocs@somedocs.com with “Working Together Pitch” as the subject line. The more specific you are about the potential relationship, the more likely it is that we will follow up. We appreciate your understanding if we don’t respond, as we get many inquiries daily.


Everything we feature is open-access, which means it is available to the public!

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