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digital Services that stand out


From $1,999 for a single expert
From $3,999 for a single practice
– WordPress website on client’s hosting, with basic editing
– 6-7 mobile-responsive website pages (12-15 pages for a full practice) highlighting a doctor’s workplace:
  • home page
  • locations
  • services
  • staff
  • patient info
  • contact
  • blog
– up to 3 design edits (5 edits for full practice)
– customized for doctor preference
– alternately, we can build a page that fits in with your business model/idea or for thought leadership portfolio
– 30 minute ‘branding’ consultation with a physician healthcare social media expert.


From $1,200/mth for a single expert
From $3200/mth for a full practice

Customized for a single doctor’s website

* Starter Package *
– Site Audit if existing site
– Make sure all data analytics are being tracked
– up to 5 SEO-targeted written content pieces (12 for full practice)
– Onsite and Offsite content posting
– Offsite placement of content
– Creation of backlinks
– Onsite technical SEO
– Schema
– Sitemap clean ups/additions
– 30 minute
consultation with a physician healthcare social media expert monthly

Personal Design Team


Customized for a doctor or a practice.

* Starter Package *
– 1 team per client
–  1 custom photo per weekday
(20 per month)
– 1 custom caption for each photo
– hashtag list per photo (if applicable)
– monthly written check-in to ensure a smooth process is in place
– 20 min official social media consult tri-monthly, to plan ahead, with a physician digital consultant
– physician-led and nurtured
– complimentary inclusion in one of our networks (your choice, depending on the social platform you want to grow in, valued at $99 monthly)
– 30 minute pre-package ‘branding’ consultation with Dr. Dana Corriel, SoMeDocs founder & healthcare social media expert

We Build, Host, & Market Your Course

(docs, now’s the time to build a course)


From coaching you through the steps necessary to build an online course, to seeing it through to fruition, we’ve got you covered.

SoMeDocs works with both new creators, and those with existing courses that want help getting them seen (& sold!). We host, rent-free, and help with unique marketing solutions based on years of experience and traction already built in.

Not convinced why you should build one? We’re doctors, and we’ll convince ‘ya. Just get in touch.

We Build You a Podcast

(build a podcast around your expertise & become a thought leader!)

We offer services to help you make the process seamless.

We help brainstorm through ideas, coach you through the process of building content that’s impactful, and even help take any annoying steps off your hands. We’ll do them!

Additionally, we now showcase your podcast inside our own website’s Podcast Page, when you sign up, for our audience to connect and listen!

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