Social Etiquette: Is Reciprocation a Thing of the Past?

Is tit-for-tat a thing? Do we need to start considering this when being active online? What happens to the "takers"?



Anyone else experience this? A fellow professional asks you to promote them, or a product or service of theirs.

You post about it and share with your audience.

You work on an artistic social media post. The best way you can.

You spend time and energy to do this all.

You then tag them.



Anyone else experience this? A fellow professional asks you to promote them, or a product or service of theirs. But you get crickets in return? Tell us here: https://doctorsonsocialmedia.com/article-submission/ Click To Tweet


They don’t comment, re-share, say thank you.

Zip. Nothing. Nada.

Talk me off the ledge here.

What does one do when dealing with the “takers” of social media?

How do you handle this when you’re the “giver” and you realize you’ve been taken advantage of?

What happens when this takes place repeatedly?

Is there no social media etiquette in this new world?


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