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Dr. Shea Teaches How to Successfully Breastfeed to Nourishing Your Baby With Confidence

The Nutshell

If you are a parent looking to have the most successful breastfeeding journey, while nourishing your baby with confidence, then this course is for you!

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Here's the deal:


  1. Confidently approach breast feeding so you can meet your breastfeeding goals

  2. Shed breastfeeding anxiety and have a joyful breastfeeding journey

  3. Access the experience and know-how of a pediatrician mom who has nursed all of her children, after some initial struggles.

  4.  Unlimited access to a video library full of practical breastfeeding information and resources.

  5. Be welcomed to an online community of like minded parents who can help support and encourage you during your breastfeeding journey

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long will I have access to the course?

Forever. Once you purchase this course, you will have unlimited, life-ling access to all the videos, supplementary material and community support group, which includes periodic Q&As with me, Dr. Elena.


How long will it take to complete this course? 

That is totally up to you! Each video is between 5-10minutes and you can engage in the videos in order, out of order, or when you need a information about a particular subject. 


Who is this course for?

This class is for any parent who wants to learn more about breastfeeding. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, if you are looking for breast feeding support, this course is for you!


Why did you create this course?

As a pediatrician, I was sure being a new mom was going to be easy…but it wasn’t. We struggled with breastfeeding. I wanted to help other new moms, like me, who may be struggling or have struggled in the past to have the resources they need in order to meet all their breastfeeding goals you have set for yourself! 


What happens if this course ends up not being for me?

No worries! We understand that sometimes things aren’t a great fit. We offer a 30-day full refund guarantee. 


What is included in the online community?

The online community is such an exciting exclusive feature of this course. It’s for moms just like you and provides a safe space for you to talk, share stories and ask questions. The course includes life long, unlimited access to the online community.  


Will I get access to Dr Elena (me)?

Yes!! You’ll have regular opportunities to ask me questions on the online community and during love Q&A sessions. 


See you in the course!

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Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Hi, I’m Dr. Elena. I am a general pediatrician, lactation consultant and mom of 2, with a third on the way. 

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was (perhaps not surprisingly) over confident about my parenting abilities…some might say even cocky.  I had been a pediatrician for almost a decade, had helped care for 1000s of babies, so I was convinced being a new mom myself couldn’t be much more difficult. After…

I was wrong. So wrong.

My son was born small and from the beginning we struggled to nurse. He wouldn’t latch and I was trying to nurse and pumping and bottle feeding. It was exhausting, mentally, physically and emotionally.  I was overwhelmed.

But I was so blessed to have access to a qualified lactation consultants who met with us weekly for 2 months. With their help, we were able to eventually transition to nursing at breast and went on to nurse exclusively till he was almost 16mo.

When my daughter was born two years later, we struggled too. But I was better prepared the second time around and that made a huge difference.

Now I want to help other new moms, whether it’s their first or fifth, gain the knowledge that will help them confidently approach nursing and be able to reach whatever goals they have set for themselves. Whether it’s to nurse for 6mo, 1 year or longer, I want to provide a comprehensive resource that will help them get there. 

If you want to learn the basics (and beyond) of breastfeeding from a doctor mom who has been where you are, I’d love to support you on your journey. 

Stand-Out Features:

Confidently approach breastfeeding so you can meet your breastfeeding goals

Shed breastfeeding anxiety and have a joyful breastfeeding journey

Access the experience and know-how of a pediatrician mom who has nursed all of her children, after some initial struggles

Opportunities for Q & A with Dr. Elena to get your questions answered

Join our online community of like minded parents who can help support and encourage you during your breastfeeding journey


Elena Shea, MD

Oh! One Last Thing.


  1. Everything you need to navigate your breastfeeding journey: Priceless

  2. Over 30 videos with the perfect Combination of research based information and personal stories: $3500

  3. Exclusive up to date video library on the most relevant breast feeding topics: $3500

  4. Course Supplement including illustrations and other bonus materials $400

  5. Opportunities for Q & A with Dr. Elena to get your questions answered. $6000

  6. Curated Resource list of Dr. Elena approved books and websites: $150

  7. Supportive Facebook Community of like minded moms: Priceless

  8. Unlimited, lifetime access to videos, community and supplementary material for you to use with any future children as well. All up dates and future content included: Priceless



Available to you for a limited time for $175

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What It Costs:


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