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We are a unique networking website that facilitates connections between motivated professionals who are today’s change-makers in health & the digital world. Below our some of our upcoming events.

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Speed Networking

November 11, 2021 at 8 PM EST

Join for another installment of SPEED NETWORKING, where you get to refine your pitch, meet new doctors who are motivated to do something different, share your month’s “ask” and then have the footage of your pitch shared with our large community.

Upcoming LIVE episodes

Meera Kirpekar, MD

Alopi Patel, MD


2021-12-05 15:30

Live Episode

"Creating Engaging Media For A Podcast"

Creating engaging media that draw listeners into your show can be an arduous and confusing task. Learn methods and thinking behind creating engaging media for your podcast audience.

Jarett Patton, MD: SoMeDocs Databank

Jarret Patton


2021-12-12 15:30

Live Episode

"How To Monetize A Podcast"

So you want to podcast and make money? Learn methods to increase your income flow through podcasting.

Episode 1: The One with Doctor Fritz Francoise

Fritz Francois, MD


Season Premiere

"The One with Doctor Fritz Francois"

Samuel Shem returns for season 2 of our “Conversations with Shem”, where he’s bringing the friends to discuss how to put the HUMAN back into healthcare. Our season premiere features  Fritz François, MD, MSc, FACG, Chief Medical Officer at New York University Langone Health, in New York.

Recent LIVE episodes

psst.. they're all ready to watch!

Brooke Choulet, MD


2021-10-18 11:00


"How To Start A Concierge Practice In Less Than A Year"

Join LIVE as Dr. Brook Choulet speaks to SoMeDocs about how to start a concierge Practice in less than a year. Get LIVE footage access here.

Dr. Kate Mangona

Kate Mangona, MD


Live Episode

"Building a Great Physical Space for Podcasting"

Join our LIVE series, teaching about the important strategies behind podcasting, and with a rotating guest panel each week. This week, we speak about creating the space, an often missed but critical part of podcasting. In this episode we will dive into what it takes to build an awesome physical podcasting space that you’ll not only be proud of, but draw listeners to as well. Join Dr. Brana and guests Dr. Mangona & Darko. If you need help creating a podcast, don’t forget we do it for you (just click here)!

Oana Gheorghita

Oana Gheorghita


2021 10 21 11:00


"How Can a Doctor Maximally Use Social Media for Better Lead Generation?"

Join SoMeDocs as we livestream a lecture about this increasingly important topic in healthcare, especially as so many of us now look to build (& market!) our own online personal brands. LINK coming as we prepare a second season for that virtual studio space. NETWORK members can now access season I!

Bradley Block, MD

Dr. Bradley Block


2021-10-24 15:30

Live Episode

"2 How to Have an Amazing Conversation"

Dr. Taylor Brana teaches about the nuances of having an enticing conversation, and brings on Drs. Bradley Block & Colin Zhu as show guests, to enrich the dispensed advice.

Maxine Belus


2021 11 01 11:00


"Facebook Ads 101"

In this training I’ll be sharing some insight on how you can use Facebook ads to confidently set up your campaigns and run your ads like a pro. Walk away with a better understanding of Facebook ads, how they are structured, and some common mistakes to avoid.

Christopher Chiu, MD

Dr. Christopher Chiu


2021-11-14 15:30

Live Episode

"Recruiting Awesome Guests"

You could be drawn into a podcast because of the amazing guest line up. Learn how we recruit interesting guests to your show.

Jordan Frey, MD

Dr. Jordan Frey


2021-11-21 15:30

Live Episode

"How to Have an Amazing Conversation"

Developing a brand is important to any business. In this episode we will learn what are important factors for branding your podcast to make it stand out from the crowd.

Rene Walker


Molly Dunn


James Dixon


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