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The Private Medical Practice Academy

At a glance: I teach physicians the business of medicine so that they can build successful and lucrative private medical practices.

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I discuss everything you always wanted and absolutely need to know about start, running and growing a private medical practice. I’ll also talk about how to leverage your private practice by adding additional providers, satellite offices and ancillary services. And, vertically integrating other medical businesses like adding an ambulatory surgery center, imaging center, physical therapy and more. I will be sharing my 30+ years of experience as a physician and entrepreneur. After being an employed physician, I started and managed my own private medical practice with 11 providers. I added multiple medical businesses: in-house laboratory services, ambulatory surgery center, physical therapy, imaging center, anesthesia practice management company. I developed joint ventures between physicians and hospitals as well as between physicians and complimentary providers. In addition, I have extensive experience in developing and leasing medical-related real estate.

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Physicians who are interested in how to run a successful, lucrative private medical practice and leverage it into multiple revenue streams.

What will an audience member gain by listening to this podcast?

"The essential business of medicine tools to start, run and grow medical businesses."

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I teach physicians the business of medicine so that they can build successful and lucrative private medical practices.

The Private Medical Practice Academy

About this podcaster

I’m a physician who started and built an 8 figure practice with 11 providers. I leveraged the practice into multiple other 7 and 8 figure related medical businesses. Now I help other physicians build, grow and leverage their practices so that they can control the way they practice medicine and achieve the financial freedom they crave.
Sandra Weitz, MD

The Key Steps To Starting A Business
Carving Out A Niche
Understanding Your Payor Mix
Credentialing and Contracting
Understanding the New E&M Changes

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Starting, growing and scaling your own private medical practice will give you the freedom to control your future.

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