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RX for Success

At a glance: The Rx for Success Podcast spotlights physician leaders reflecting on the elements that helped them in their journey to success.
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About the Podcast

Hosted by Dr Randy Cook, a well-regarded general and vascular surgeon, and former radio personality, RX for Success is sure to impart pearls of wisdom for healthcare professionals and consumers alike. Now in its 4th season, RX for Success brings out the nuances of the human condition and shares how they play out in our daily work and life in the healthcare world.

With featured interviews from medical professionals across the country, listeners are bound to be inspired, invigorated, and engaged.

ideal listener

Physicians and healthcare leaders.

What will an audience member gain by listening to this podcast?

"Knowledge, insights, and inspiration regarding medicine and the healthcare field as well as tips for professional and personal development. "

RX for Success

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The Rx for Success Podcast spotlights physician leaders reflecting on the elements that helped them in their journey to success.

RX for Success

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About the podcaster

Dr. Randy Cook brings more than four decades of bedside practice as a general and vascular surgeon to the Rx for Success Podcast. A well-respected clinician, educator, organizational leader, he holds certifications from the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Preventive Medicine in the subspecialty of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, as well as certifications from the American Professional Wound Care Association and the American Board of Wound Management. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Southeastern Surgical Congress. His many years of clinical, managerial and leadership experience have provided Randy with invaluable insight into the practice of medicine and medical practice management. Randy is also an Executive Physician Coach, and as such, is uniquely situated to coach today’s physician from a well-informed position of having successfully balanced the business of medicine with the priesthood of medicine.
  • Career transition
  • Spirituality and medicine
  • Family practice
  • Surgery
  • Coaching/Burnout/Physician Wellness
  • Leadership

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Learn the elements for a successful medical career

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RX for Success

The Rx for Success Podcast spotlights physician leaders reflecting on the elements that helped them in their journey to success.

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