Date/Time: 2023-03-04 15:15 EST

03/04: (CONFERENCE) How to Run an E-commerce Business and Win

Ona Utuama, MD, MPH is sells eyewear like hotcakes. But she admits that the e-commerce field is nothing like medical school (it’s a whole different beast). From idea to launch, e-commerce, PR, marketing, sales and getting into retail stores: tune in to learn how.

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(Part of the Entrepreneurship & Networking for Doctors Conference)

Ona Utuama, MD, is the founder and creative director of Tribal ëyës, an e-commerce eyewear brand. She launched the brand in September 2020 to introduce ethnic patterns, and diversify the structure and designs in eyewear fashion. She’ll be lecturing about learning lessons she’s picked up along the way, erecting an e-commerce business (and winning).

Target Audience: doctors (or any professional, really) looking to build an e-commerce business.

Learning Objectives:

  • The entrepreneurial space is really non-medical
  • How to launch an e-commerce business
  • E-commerce or brick&mortar, when and how
  • To PR or not
  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategizing sales tactics
  • Securing retail stores

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Ona Utuama, MD

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