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Dr. Rosenblum Teaches Physicians Pain Management Skills

The Nutshell

Having helped over 3,000 Pain Physicians become Board Certified, PainExam offers Pain Management Board Review, Ultrasound Training, Regenerative Medicine for Pain, Practice Management and more!

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Here's the deal:

PainExam Complete

This membership gives you 1 year of access and a 49.5 CME credits certificate when completing the courses to the following content on our website:

Pain Boards Question Bank -> 12 quizzes that review and test knowledge of the Pain Physician in the form of multiple-choice questions. The review simulates the ABA, ABPM, and Osteopathic Pain Boards.
Pain Boards Audio Lecture Series in the form of tutorials, interviews, and more. Featuring keyword topics such as abdominal pain, facial pain, neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome osteoarthritis, and more audio lecture series dedicated to Passing the Pain Management Boards and Practice Management.
– Pain Management Video Lecture Series – videos, lectures, and study guides focused on information related to the Pain Board exams.
– Imaging for the Pain Practitioner video course focused on the use of imaging in pain management in relation to the spine, knee, shoulder, and hip. Includes Board Prep and more.
– Missed Keywords Lecture Series – Preparation for the Pain Boards, Missed Keyword Lecture 1, Missed Keyword Lecture 2, Bonus! Ultrasound-Guided Lower Extremity Interventional Pain Procedures
– Regenerative Medicine for Spine Disease – Certified course on regenerative therapies for spine disease, that includes lectures, the theory of PRP, ASIPP’s guidelines, tutorials, and quiz.
Replay Comprehensive Ultrasound-Guided Webinar Replay -Dr.David Rosenblum’s comprehensive ultrasound guided pain webinar.

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

  • Identifying painful disorders
  • Basic analgesic management
  • Proper and timely recognition and referral to a pain practitioner
  • Understanding the role of a pain management physician
  • Image interpretation
  • Ultrasound guided injections (indications, complications, and other considerations)
  • An understanding of reiterative medicine in the treatment of painful disorders
  • Up to 49.5 CME Credits
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What makes this instructor qualified?

Dr. David Rosenblum currently serves as Director of Pain Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center and is dual board-certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Dr. Rosenblum is a leader in the fields of interventional pain medicine and regional anesthesiology. His particular interests include regional anesthesia and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. He has developed numerous protocols and policies to ensure the safe proliferation of anesthesia and pain management. He currently teaches residents, is active in research and travels through the country teaching Ultrasound-Guided Pain Interventions as well as Regenerative Pain Management Procedures

Dr. Rosenblum has a knack for thinking outside of the box with respect to education and patient care.  He spends countless hours creating and updating his content.  His ability to create high yield material is ideal for the busy clinician who needs to juggle, family time, work obligations and continuing medical educations.

Stand-Out Features:

  • High Yield Board Prep
  • Practical Ultrasound Pearls and Pointers to implement US Guided injections into your practice
  • Proven methods of getting you ready for the pain boards
  • Over 3000 physicians now board certified, thanks to PainExam.com and Dr. Rosenblum
David Rosenblum, MD

Oh! One Last Thing.

PainExam.com is the creation of Dr. David Rosenblum, certified Pain Management Physician and Director of Pain Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center. Dr. Rosenblum received his MD at Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel before completing a fellowship in interventional pain medicine at NYU. As a physician, author and entrepreneur, Dr. Rosenblum has the unique privilege of knowing exactly what scholars need to pass certification and credentialing exams in the medical field, and he knows how to get that information to those scholars in the most efficient and effective fashion. At PainExam.com, and it’s affiliated board review websites, you will find only the most relevant, up to date materials to help you succeed. With questions and quizzes written by certified physicians, and data and quotes taken directly from current medical journals and textbooks, painexam.com allows you to rid yourself of the distracting, burdensome information overload offered by other board review materials, and focus on what is important for you.

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