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Robyn Tiger, MD, is a physician, trauma-informed self-care coach, podcaster and founder of StressFreeMD. She is deeply passionate about teaching physicians how to be stress-free from the inside out. Dr. Tiger utilizes her unique combination of trainings in medicine, yoga therapy, iRest® meditation & life coaching to educate physicians in stress management, burnout prevention and relief. Her innovative teachings focus on complete physical, mental and emotional well-being and resilience. Dr. Tiger’s CME accredited signature program, Rx Inner Peace, contains the most effective evidence-based self-care methods compiled from several years of providing physician education. She hosts the StressFreeMD Podcast and enjoys sharing weekly short, effective and informative “stress-free snacks”. Her deep commitment to helping physicians grew out of her many years in medical practice experiencing and witnessing firsthand the need for physician self-care education.  Dr. Tiger’s distinctive combination of qualifications makes her best suited to fill the gap in physician education and successfully guide physicians to become the best versions of themselves and live their most fulfilling lives!

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"Become stress-free from the inside-out!"
Robyn Tiger, MD
Robyn Tiger, MD
The Self-Care Doctor

"Become stress-free from the inside-out!"

Robyn Tiger MD | StressFreeMD

Podcast: StressFreeMD

I teach physicians how to be stress-free from the inside out by sharing short “stress-free snacks” of information to accommodate their busy schedules so they can thrive!

3 Morning Questions

3 Morning Questions

Learn how to relieve your morning stress and redirect your busy mind through these 3 key questions

Article: 3 Evening Questions

3 Evening Questions

Learn the 3 simple questions you can ask yourself before bed to alleviate stress and allow for a wonderful night’s sleep

Article: Be Your Own Valentine (LOVE image)

Be Your Own Valentine

Learn the 5 Love Languages and the 3 Love Paths to create nourishing relationships with others and with yourself

Article: Robyn Tiger, MD: I Have To...

I Have To…

Learn how to move from feeling disempowered to empowered simply by changing these 3 little words “I have to”

article: Robyn Tiger, MD: Strike a Pose!

Strike a Pose!

Learn how the shapes you create with your body alter your own body chemistry (testosterone & cortisol) which ultimately determine the results you achieve in your life.

Article by Robyn Tiger: Hail to Your Exhale

Hail to Your Exhale

Learn how your exhale breath is like an amazing trusted friend that you can count on at any time to help you quickly relieve your stress and anxiety so that you can feel calm and grounded whenever needed.

Article by Dr. Robyn Tiger: Morning Jitters

Morning Jitters

Learn how to simply and quickly relieve your morning jitters to start your day off calm, grounded and focused!

The Rx we were never taught to write

We were taught to write many types of prescriptions back in med school. But there is one imperative life-saving prescription that we were never taught to write….and that prescription is for ourselves.

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