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Rheum for Improvement – The Evolution of a Health-Care Advocate.

Written By: Mark Lopatin MD

Mark Lopatin: If physicians are not willing to fight to protect our profession, who will?
Mark Lopatin: If physicians are not willing to fight to protect our profession, who will?

Writing Genre: Other

Rheum for Improvement – The Evolution of a Health-Care Advocate.

Written By: Mark Lopatin MD

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I was clueless with regard to the politics of health care until I was named in a frivolous lawsuit. I actually settled the suit even though I knew I had done nothing wrong. The experience was traumatic and left me with a great deal of anger. This motivated me to become politically active for the first time in my life. Rheum for Improvement describes my journey into health-care advocacy. Over the years, I became very aware of the numerous issues that compromise the ability of physicians to provide proper care. Rheum for improvement addresses many of these issues. It also describes how physicians are being devalued by corporate entities who seek to control the health-care dollar. Overall, Rheum for Improvement emphasizes the importance of humanity in health care, the sacred nature of the patient-physician relationship and the joy of “being with’ the patient.

About the Author

Mark Lopatin is a rheumatologist who recently retired after 28 years in independent practice. He is active in organized medicine, having served as president and chairman of the Montgomery County Medical Society. He also has served as chair of the Montgomery County Medical Legal Committee and the Montgomery County Task Force on Mediation. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for both the Pennsylvania Medical Society and their Political Action Committee. He is also an active member of multiple grassroots advocacy groups. He has lectured and written numerous op-eds and articles on a multitude of health care issues to educate patients and physicians how health care policies affect the care that patients receive. He is passionate about preserving the patient- physician relationship and is outspoken against those who seek to destroy that relationship to control the health care dollar. He lives with his wife, Suzan and his two poodles, Harry Potter and Gryffindor.

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