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Podcast: RevMD

We are on a mission to give physicians the upper hand when it comes to medical billing and coding. Come learn with us on ways to increase your revenue.

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Doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing and coding practices. We have a team of healthcare professionals, certified billers and coders to help share tips on how to beat the system. As a physician, we were not taught enough skills in medical school when it comes to the business side of medicine and revenue. We are on a mission to help change that. We cover a wide variety of topics that impact medical billing and revenue for private practices. We look forward to serving our physician collegues and helping them capture the revenue they deserve.

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We cover a wide variety of topics from how to monitor your medical billing metrics, using modifiers, and how to implement programs such as Chronic Care Management which can grow your revenue by 6 figures. It’s time to take control, understand how to measure success with medical billing and coding, and get the revenue you deserve.

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Easy things to implement in your practice to increase revenue with insurance billing.

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We are on a mission to give physicians the upper hand when it comes to medical billing and coding. Come learn with us on ways to increase your revenue.

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