Reversing Burnout Comes from Building on Your Own IP

Dana Corriel, MD, shared how it's time for educated professionals to own their own IP, and how we're getting it done, slowly but surely.

What I’m so proud of, more than anything,

is watching my colleagues stepping past their comfort zone and building THEIR OWN resources.

Dr. Amy Fogelman is an example.

She gathered up her knowledge, experience, and abilities, and packaged them all up into a course.

It wasn’t easy. Doing something ‘differently’ than what you’re used to never is. But she did.

Because here’s thing that she had figured out. And the thing that SoMeDocs is teaching in our profession, and across healthcare’s board:


Not many people can do what we do.

And not many people know what we know.

And that’s what’s “missing” in today’s world.

Everyone else already got “the memo”.

They’ve already realized that they can connect to each other using this online space.

But the educated public somehow evaded this space, and quite frankly, is coming in too late.

But we’re here, and it’s our time.


More physicians, and other educated health experts, are beginning to own their unique IP. They’re building resources and businesses out of them, in fact.

When we realize that we can, independently, help other physicians with what we know, & neatly build out those resources, in organized fashion.. that’s when we become happier beings. Our own bosses, so to speak.

Even if we decide to continue to work for others in our day jobs, we can – & should – still build “our own real estate space”.

And soon, as the world changes, we will be able to independently help patients, too, outside of the larger institutions for which we work; as we recognize that we‘re the ones breathing life into those space (and should have more of a say in how these healthcare models work).


Even if we decide to continue to work for others in our day jobs, we can - & should - still build 'our own real estate space'. #womeninmedicine Click To Tweet


There’s many ways to skin a cat, as they say.

And as much as I hate the imagery this famous quote elicits, there’s many ways to use our degrees, too.

It’s just all “new & overwhelming & scary”, in a field that’s traditionally conservative.

But we’ll get there. Because innovation never results from a place of comfort. And because innovating means pushing past the old, and embracing the possibilities of the new.

Who’s in?


Check out Dr. Fogelman’s course, along with other physician creators, in the SoMeDocs COURSES space. Please note that SoMeDocs does own a small percentage of select courses (the ones redirected to the site we host on Teachable). Others are simply showcased there, for display, and connection.


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