When Sleep Isn’t Your Friend: Strategies for People Who Think Differently

Dove Wilson, LCPC, BCN's presentation is for neurodiverse physicians who want to understand and overcome their unique barriers to sleep and optimize performance in work and life.

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Target audience: Neurodiverse physicians

This presentation is for neurodiverse physicians who want to understand and overcome their unique barriers to sleep to optimize their performance and satisfaction in work and life.


Insufficient sleep is an epidemic in our society and when we are sleep-deprived, it affects every aspect of our lives – how we think, feel, and function at work. Few work settings pose a higher risk potential when sleep is compromised than that of medical doctors whose decisions routinely impact human lives. Yet, adequate sleep is an often neglected area for doctors. Their training is typically comprised of sleep-compromising schedules. For the neurodiverse physician, these challenges may be amplified by their very physiology in ways we seldom understand and discuss. This presentation is designed to empower neurodiverse physicians by deepening their understanding of the function of adequate sleep for their performance, how their unique gifts and challenges may impact their sleep quality, and how to work through their own and environmental barriers to best achieve adequate sleep.

Learning Objectives:

  • Deepen Awareness: Raise awareness about the unique sleep challenges faced by neurodiverse physicians within the medical community for achieving sufficient restorative sleep,
  • Understand Impact: Understand the impact of insufficient sleep on cognitive function, decision-making, and overall well-being, particularly in the context of neurodiversity.
  • Tips and Strategies: Explore evidence-based strategies and practical tips specifically tailored to neurodiverse physicians to improve sleep quality and quantity. Explore technology tools to support sleep.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Promote the importance of prioritizing self-care and sleep hygiene practices among neurodiverse physicians as essential components of overall health and wellness. Encourage actionable steps to incorporate into their daily routines. to enhance their professional performance and quality of life.
  • Benefits of Collaboration: Facilitate conversation, collaboration, and peer support among neurodiverse physicians by sharing experiences, challenges, and successes related to sleep management.
  • Inspiration for Change: Inspire positive change by motivating neurodiverse physicians to prioritize their sleep health, thereby improving their overall well-being and effectiveness in their roles as healthcare providers.


(This lecture is part of our Neurodiversity: A Conference For & About Doctors Who Think Differently)

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Dove Wilson, LCPC, BCN

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