(lessons created by experts & packaged into the virtual SoMeDocs University hallways)

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We’re proud to be hosting expert-led courses, in the new SoMeDocs Academy. We recruit our instructors in cohorts, so that each wave is neatly packaged and ready for seating on 1st day of class.

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(curated projects that are just darn entertaining)

Conversations with Samuel Shem: Putting the HUMAN Back into Medicine (show with Shem)

Feature Series

Our feature series is special because it stars such an icon in medical literature. Dr. Samuel Shem wrote the classic novel “The House of God” (& other books since) & hosts a live panel discussion in which “Putting the Human Back into Medicine” is thoroughly dissected.

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We’re curating unique content into informative series, custom-built around our experts’ work. We host both written and video work, exclusively produced with a better healthcare in mind.     Think a “Healthcare Netflix”.

"I've used SoMeDocs as a launching point for finding new guests and to check in with what's hot in healthcare. It is both a starting point for those new to social media and those who are experts looking to tweak their voice."
Nick Andrews MD EDge, Medscape
Nick Andrews

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