Renée Simone Yolanda Allen MD, MHSc., FACOG

OBGYN & Fertility Nutrition Coach | Author | Physician Online Entrepreneur Mentor

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Culinary Medicine | Obstetrics/Gynecology | Physician

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Allen attended undergrad at McMaster University and then completed a Master’s of Health Science Degree in Community Health and Epidemiology at University of Toronto. She subsequently worked as a Health Analyst/Epidemiologist prior to matriculating at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine where she earned her medical degree.

Dr. Allen completed her residency training in Gynecology & Obstetrics at Emory University and became a faculty member at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA for 4 years.

Dr. Allen, a board-certified OBGYN, practiced as an OBGYN Hospitalist in Atlanta, GA for nearly 10 years.
In 2019, she transitioned her career to an executive physician leadership position within Wellstar Health System, and in this leadership capacity, Dr. Allen impacted quality, safety, utilization, patient satisfaction, and efficiency metrics through Performance Improvement and education initiatives.

In her role as Principal, Physician Clinical Operations at Vizient, Dr. Allen optimized resource allocation to enhance healthcare delivery, reduce readmissions, and ensure seamless transitions for patients. With expertise in capacity management, length of stay reduction, observation management, denials management, utilization management, physician advisory, and post-acute strategies, Dr. Allen improvesd patient outcomes, length of stay, and revenue capture. By implementing streamlined processes, standardized care pathways, and evidence-based protocols, Dr. Allen bridged the gap between clinical and operational perspectives, enhancing capacity utilization/patient flow, reducing unnecessary admissions and denials, improving resource allocation, and elevating healthcare delivery.

Dr. Allen’s approachable captivating demeanor, and broad knowledge of women’s health issues and other hot topics such as capacity management, and denials mitigation have made her a leading consultant, and thought leader reshaping the lives of individuals, both domestically and abroad. Dr. Allen has appeared in the media for her expertise on issues related to pregnancy, sexual health, menopause, and other wellness/health topics. She has hosted many interviews and programs on ReachMD, has appeared as a Women’s Health expert on CNNEspanol and has been an invited health expert on many radio programs across the nation. Her heath articles have been published in Good Housekeeping, Business Woman Magazine, Bustle, Fit Pregnancy,, to name a few.

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Empowering fertility through nutrition, blending culinary art with wellness for life's journey.
Renée Simone Yolanda Allen MD, MHSc., FACOG
Renée Simone Yolanda Allen MD, MHSc., FACOG

Empowering fertility through nutrition, blending culinary art with wellness for life's journey.

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