Referral Earnings

earn money for making intros!!

This option is open to anyone who believes in the uniqueness and power of SoMeDocs. Simply make an introduction and earn, whenever a successful connection is made!


Step 1: Become a member of SoMeDocs. Any level qualifies. We want you to know, first-hand, how we work.

Step 2: Be the first to make an introduction to your organizations’ decision-makers, or HR, using the button below (our email: somedocs@somedocs.com). Help us explain to your company or program how SoMeDocs serves THEM, in addition to the physician and patient. We can help.

Step 3: If your connection directly results in a purchase, you’ll earn 20% of that payment.

Sample Connections

Examples of what organizations can purchase:


  • Listings in our Job Board (for example, a listing costs $659 for 3 months, for which you’d passively earn $130)


  • Profiles in our Public Directories (We charge $39 per year per profile. 1,000 physician profiles would passively earn you $780)


  • Conference Sponsorship (a ‘whole shebang’ sponsorship ir worth $10,000, a passive earnings of $2,000 for you)


  • Series Built for Them (We charge $25,000 for an agreed-upon 6-part series, along with circulation of that series. A passive earnings of $5,000 for you

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