Rebecca Lauderdale, MD, FACP

internist, podcaster, speaker.


I am a board certified internal medicine physician who practices primary care in the Deep South.  I am passionate about caring for medically complex patients, and just as passionate about helping struggling doctors find their way to a joyful, rewarding life.  Through my own difficult experience with burnout and depression, I’ve become a student of the science of human flourishing and the practices and experiences that cultivate it.  I care deeply about women physicians in particular, who struggle with burnout at much higher rates than men, and who contend with societal and cultural conditioning that can make it very difficult to live in a way that serves them best.  I believe that having a tribe – a group of other women who know what you’re going through and with whom you can be vulnerable and grow – is one of the greatest gifts a person can have.  My mission is to bring that sense of connection as well as evidence-based practices to help women physicians heal and thrive.

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"My mission is to make this statement true: Women Physicians Flourish"
Rebecca Lauderdale, MD, FACP
Rebecca Lauderdale, MD, FACP
internist, podcaster, speaker.

"My mission is to make this statement true: Women Physicians Flourish"

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