Rashmi Schramm, MD, NBC-HWC


As a physician and certified coach, I help busy women tap into inner peace and power so they can live more energetic and purposeful lives, without the guilt.

I love teaching meditation – it is the most powerful and underutilized tool to help us tap into inner strength and resilience. My style of meditation teaching and coaching can be described as “sprinkling spirituality into the science of meditation”.

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"I sprinkle spirituality into the science of meditation."
Rashmi Schramm
Rashmi Schramm, MD, NBC-HWC

"I sprinkle spirituality into the science of meditation."

What Happens When We Sleep?

What Happens When We Sleep?

Even though we know about the benefits of sleep and the problems that come when we lose sleep, sleep scientists will still tell you that sleep is still a little bit mysterious.

Meditation and Sleep

Meditation and Sleep

Insomnia. Difficulty sleeping. Not sleeping enough. It comes up repeatedly in my practice. Let’s talk about sleep.

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