Puja Aggarwal MD MBA

Neurologist, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster


Puja Aggarwal MD MBA is a Certified Burnout and Stress Management Coach and Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist.  Puja experienced burnout as a physician 5 years ago. She was overwhelmed, overworked and tired.  Through coaching, Puja learned to change her mindset and become more self aware to realize what her priorities were and to set boundaries.   Puja certified at The Life Coach School in 2021 as a Life Coach.  In 2021, Puja started Zenful Brain Coaching to help female professionals with overcoming burnout to help them lead an empowered life with fulfillment, fun and freedom! Puja uses a neuroscience based approach to help coach her clients to practice mindfulness and to make themselves a priority. She also has her own podcast Zenful Brain where she discusses ways to optimize our brains to live a more mindful and empowered life!

"Live The Zenful Life."
Puja Aggarwal MD MBA
Puja Aggarwal MD MBA
Neurologist, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster

"Live The Zenful Life."

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