Publishing Panel: Understanding Self, Hybrid, and Traditional Publishing

Have a manuscript and not sure how to publish it? Learn about the publishing options available to authors and the advantages and disadvantages of each, in this panel.


Target Audience: Authors seeking information about different publishing options

Learning Objectives

By the end of the panel discussion, attendees will

  • Understand what self, hybrid, and traditional publishing is
  • Understand the financial costs to the author on the front end (editing, layout, etc) and back end (Marketing, publicity)
  • Understand the royalties with each publishing option
  • Understand variations in hybrid publishers
  • Understand the birds-eye view difference between large press, small /independent press, and university publishers
  • Understand the submission process with each publishing option

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The Lecturer(s)

SoMeDocsWriters2024: Publishing Panel: Understanding Self, Hybrid, and Traditional Publishing

Rachel Kowalski, MD, Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz MD MPH, Jill Grimes, MD, Jacqueline Friedland, Reyna Marder Gentin, Debra Blaine, MD, CMT

Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz MD Greene-Liebowitz is the co-editor of What We Bring to the Practice of Medicine: Perspectives from Women Physicians (April 2023), and is the author of the introduction and several essays within the book. She authored a chapter in The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Her work has been published on multiple local and national websites. Currently, she shares food and cooking content as The Kosher Celiac is working on a kosher, gluten-free cookbook and two fictional novels (middle grade and adult). is a board-certified emergency physician who has worked in hospitals and urgent care centers throughout metropolitan New York. In the past few years, she has segued to writing, editing and advocacy.

Jill Grimes, MD: Jill Grimes, MD, FAAFP, is a nationally recognized medical media expert and award-winning author of The ULTIMATE College Student Health Handbook: Your Guide for Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness. Young adults know her as the popular TikTok.CollegeDoc, offering straight talk and practical tips about anxieties, injuries, illness, drinking, inking and “all the things”. Dr. Grimes earned her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M, followed by her MD at Baylor College of Medicine. She was an associate editor for the 5-Minute Clinical Consult and has been a clinical instructor for UMASS Medical School since 2000. After over two decades of private practice in family medicine, Dr. Grimes now splits her time between writing, speaking, vaccinating, and seeing patients. Many peers know her from hearing her speak at conferences such as the American Academy of Family Physicians, Pri-Med®, and Harvard Medical School.

Jacqueline Friedland is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of multiple historical and contemporary fiction novels. A lover of history, words, and research, she worked briefly as an attorney before following her true dream of writing. In addition to crafting novels, you can also find Jackie reviewing fiction for trade publications, teaching workshops, speaking at book-related events, or hanging with her large family in Westchester, NY.

Reyna Marder Gentin practiced law for almost 25 years before turning to writing. She has had two novels for adults published (UNREASONABLE DOUBTS, SWP 2018) and BOTH ARE TRUE, Moonshine Cove, 2021) and one novel for young people (MY NAME IS LAYLA, Touchpoint Press, 2021.) You can find out more about Reyna and her writing at reynamardergentin.com

Debra Blaine, MD, CMT, left clinical medicine after 3 decades to become a full-time writer and coach and has penned multiple award-winning thrillers. Her novels are all self-published under her company name, Very Indie Press. She coaches authors at all stages, helps them craft their own compelling narratives, and offers developmental and copy editing. Since discovering the magic of self-publishing, she’s helped dozens of writers get their books independently platformed and distributed everywhere around the globe. Debra is always happy to talk to budding novelists (and disenchanted physicians). Give her a shout.

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SoMeDocsWriters2024: Publishing Panel: Understanding Self, Hybrid, and Traditional Publishing

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SoMeDocsWriters2024: Publishing Panel: Understanding Self, Hybrid, and Traditional Publishing


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