Proper Foot Care for Anyone Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

Tea Nguyen, DPM shares how to properly care for your feet so that you decrease the risk of avoidable leg amputation.

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Diabetes is a common disease in America, affecting 1 in 10 people. A common complication of diabetes is the development of foot ulcers. As many as 25% of people with diabetes will encounter a diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime. Foot ulcers can lead to devastating consequences like infection requiring hospitalization, amputation and even death. In many cases, diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented with proper foot care and regular screening with a podiatrist.

This course will help you understand why proper foot care is vital to your overall health.

You will learn:

– The role diabetes management has on foot health
– Simple home care habits to get you on the right foot
– Common mistakes people do that make their foot condition worse
– Misconceptions around nail care, surgery and amputations
– What to look when seeking a foot specialist to trim your toenails and calluses

You are not your diagnosis. You can take control of your health and this course shows you exactly how.

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