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Your profile is central to building on the SoMeDocs website. Once built & published, it will show up on our front end, freely accessible to an audience search, without the hassles of paywalls, or an overabundance of ads. All you need to do is fill out a short form, with the info you’d like displayed, and submit. Our team will get to work building, once we receive you, and then circulate it. Please help us by sharing your profile too, and by linking it to your own website.


I'm a podcaster

When you’re a podcaster, it can be frustrating creating content, but not having enough exposure to listeners. SoMeDocs is helping the public find you quickly, easily, & beautifully, by building open-access portfolios for each podcast in our community (here). Are you ready to add yours in?

I'm a Speaker

If you’re a speaker, or wish to become one, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential gigs, given the nature of our digital world. Let’s build you a speaker portfolio & embed it inside of our speakers section, for more exposure. Are you ready for the world to hear you speak? Let’s do it. 

I'm an Author

Writing a book or blog is quite an accomplishment. But if no one knows about it, it can be frustrating. SoMeDocs invites the world to visit its public website, where real health experts and their products are categorized & showcased, including their books & blogs (here)! Add yours.

I'm a coach or consultant

Coaching and consulting are growing fields in today’s world of healthcare. We help experts to connect with each other by building beautiful portfolios showcasing each coach/consultant & their services (here), and allowing anyone in the public sector – other health experts or companies/startups looking for them – to seamlessly connect. Let’s build you a coach portfolio today.

I'm a Course Creator

Health experts today are building courses of their own, independently of larger institutions. Without the micromanagement & revenue-sharing, individual profit is greater. We encourage our health experts to stand out, by bringing their course into our community of creators (here), facilitating interactions for better marketing, promoting all, & growing together.

I'm a Community Leader

There are so many interactive spaces online. But how is the world supposed to know which ones are led by actual experts? Now’s your chance to tell them!  We’ve built a way for our vetted doctors to have beautiful landing pages built out for their communities, and we’ve made it easy for the world to find them. Our categorized, free site allows the world to find your community, and join! 

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It may be fun to write articles, but it isn’t fun trying to get eyeballs on the article itself, or spreading it around alone. We’ve built a collective solution for health experts who build online. Upload your article, and submit (it’s that easy!). Our team will edit your work, optimize your words, and beautify the piece, before publishing it on our website and placing it inside your profile. If it makes the cut, it will also land in our Magazine. The public can see all articles on our website, for free! Please help us spread the word on our venture by sharing your article with your own audience, once it’s published. We’ll even thank you for sharing it!

Article Assistance

As a network member, you have the luxury of using our assistants to get existing articles published and circulated, without having to lift a finger. Once your own blog post is published, just drop the link below, along with a one-line summary. Our assistants will get to work carefully bringing it into SoMeDocs for publication/circulation!

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