Healthy Professional Leadership Lessons Learned: Embrace Challenge, Build Resilience, and Be Your Best You

Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA teaches how to be a “healthy” leader: embracing challenge, building resilience, and shaping growth mindset to be truly meaningful in professional action.

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(This lecture is part of our Building Resilience – Strategies for Residents)

Target Audience: This conversation engages professionals including medical students, trainees, doctors and those leaders of all levels in medicine who want to explore their own personal best through lessons learned embracing challenge.

Learning Objectives:

You will gain understanding on how to embrace challenge to build resilience and shape you to be your best you.

You will learn the key to growth mindset in cultivating your own leadership way in action, word and deed.

You will obtain visionary tools to create tomorrow, see challenge as opportunities, and live in truth of Proverbs 20:5: Purpose comes from the deep waters of the heart, those with understanding can draw it out.

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The Lecturer(s)

Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA, FAOAO, FAOA, FAAOS

Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA, FAOAO, FAOA, FAAOS

Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA, FAOAO, FAOA, FAAOS, is a pediatric/neuroorthopaedic surgeon-scientist with dual fellowship training who has focused expertise in care for neuromuscular conditions since 2012, an osteopathic physician executive leader and educator serving the national medical community since 2003, and a comprehensive scientist performing research since 2001. Dr. Sees lives her Catholic faith aspiring to the words of Mother Theresa, ‘It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” This truth not only leads to joy in one’s career, but also enhances relationships, promotes collaboration, inspires creativity and ultimately achieves tremendous satisfaction and accomplishment for a team, a company and a patient. Whether serving as a doctor, a speaker, a teammate, or a friend, it is that quality of love where Dr. Sees is the difference making a positive impact on the world one action and one connection at a time. She partners with scientific, osteopathic, allopathic, engineering and health-care groups to advance best practices within neuroorthopaedics and complex medical conditions, professional development and well-being, and emerging leadership in health-science and medicine. Dr. Sees’ commitment to scholarly excellence earned her multiple awards in recognition of her unwavering dedication to research and teaching with unbridled energy and passion for education exemplified in tireless service and leadership. She has authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and has made over 250 national and international conference presentations and instructional courses including healthcare delivery, academic research and business strategy. Dr. Sees puts her osteopathic principles into practice each day doing what she is called to do with what counts: her genuine servant leadership and much love.

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Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA, FAOAO, FAOA, FAAOS

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Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA, FAOAO, FAOA, FAAOS


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