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SoMeDocs is proud to have built this resource for professionals first going into private practice. Lectures cover topics from personal finances to billing mistakes to legal issues to marketing.

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Experience this event.. & then some.
$ 249/ticket
  • 16 exciting lectures
  • 1 discussion panel
  • 6 month lecture access
  • Variety of topics
  • Standout lecturers

“The content was extremely practical and delivered by experienced physicians who shared their best pro-tips about how to thrive as self-employed doctors. Most amazingly, the jammed packed virtual conference was all free!”

— Tod Stllson MD, speaker and attendee

"Loved this awesome conference, filled with lots of gold nuggets…and best of all, it was free!…unheard of!"

— Murichi Hinestroza, attendee

"Attending the "Private Practice for Doctors" conference was a game-changer! The insights and strategies shared were invaluable for anyone looking to thrive in private practice. Highly recommend it!"

— Tracy Verrico, MD, OB/gyn and attendee

"Excellent conference! So many wonderful speakers!"

— Anjali Gupta, MD, physician and attendee


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Meet the Chair

As a dedicated Family Medicine physician, Dr. Lara Hochman is passionate about reshaping the narrative surrounding physician burnout and dissatisfaction. Witnessing the toll it takes on the medical community, she became an advocate for physicians’ well-being and autonomy. Dr. Hochman founded Happy Day Health, a boutique physician matchmaking agency. At Happy Day Health, she specializes in connecting physicians with well-run, physician-owned private practices. Her mission is to empower doctors to reclaim their focus on patient care, providing an antidote to burnout. It’s not just a match; it’s a prescription for a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Meet the Organizer

Dana Corriel, MD A board-certified internist who decided to shift gears mid-career to become a digital healthcare expert and entrepreneur. Dr. Corriel founded SoMeDocs – the site you’re on this very moment – to empower doctors, and promote their autonomy, by helping them build accounts online that help establish their authority as the experts in health. Dr. Corriel now works as a freelance consultant to both professionals and large companies, strategizing on growth and building unique digital content and pathways for businesses and brands that want to stand out.

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How to Write Website Copy that Converts

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Nothing beats the feeling of getting reached out to with a pitch/proposal attached to an enticing offer as a medical writer.

Learn about starting a private practice of your own.


• Finances

Determining the Financial Health of Your Business


• Legalities

Safeguard against liability vulnerabilities in your new venture


• Taking the Plunge

Is Private Practice the Right Fit for Me?


• Billing

Top Billing Process Mistakes and How to Get Make Right the First Time

Education Credit Option

Inspired by a learning concept? Access Learner+ to launch an AI-powered reflective experience that rewards CME/CE credits for clinically-relevant reflections. Click here to join and your first credit is FREE.


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Experience this event.. & then some.
$ 249/ticket
  • 16 exciting lectures
  • 1 discussion panel
  • 6 month lecture access
  • Variety of topics
  • Standout lecturers

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