What's a POD?

Doctors trying to build presence on social media are encountering frustrating roadblocks to growing their following. 

Our PODS aim to:

1) more intimately acquaint you with other doctors working to increase their online presence

2) drive up (meaningful!) engagement 

2) increase your visibility in social media’s algorithm

3) increase your follower count!

It couldn’t be any simpler. But it does require a level of commitment, and a facilitation that SoMeDocs specializes in!

If you’re a NETWORK member, read the rules & request to join here, before committing.

*NEW* Social Media PODS


Grow in specific social media platforms, along with your colleagues! 

IG first reel: 1196 compared to prior 500-1000.
About 20 new followers in last 2 weeks
LinkedIn first post has 1858 impressions as compared to 100-300 on prior posts.
The first post to date has most - what I noticed is everyone commented in a shorter timespan on that post.

Corinna Muller POD

Corinna Muller, MD

My analytics show an increase in profile views by 491% (see image to the left). Also, I do pay for a Linked In premium account and I have 10 two-month trials that I can gift to others who may be interested! DM me if you want one!

Also, you can see that back on March 10th, my new book was published which was why there was so much traffic on my LI profile. I had a major marketing campaign released at that time that cost a fortune…so this goes to show that doctors supporting doctors in the PODS is a wonderful cost-free way to promote one another!

In the last week: My impressions overall increased by 77% and followers by 6%, despite the decline towards the end of the week.
I also received the most impressions for my first post of the week but more than I have had in the past (>1000).
So It’s working!

Abha Sharma MD, IBCLC, PN 1

My reach, views and saves have all multiplied since joining the pod! I’m sharing screenshots here; in the first one, the bottom row of reels were prior to me, joining the pod; and the last year of course during my time in the pod.

My reach on LI has increased even though I haven’t posted 5x/week. I just started in the IG pod today. I’m loving the connections and learning about everyone!

Susan Baumgaertel, MD

Susan Baumgaertel, MD

I have seen a bump in numbers during this pod experience. Very nice. Even better, I can see an uptick in visitors to my two websites (see comments for the graphs). It is working!!

Elena Shea, MD

I haven’t even been posting and am seeing a bump.

Jia Ng, MD

It has been great! Just having the pod is really helping with accountability.
I committed to writing daily for 30 days. That is on top of my pre-scheduled daily post.
Growth wise, at the start of the pod – post impressions were in the 100s. Last week, 600s. This week, 1000s. I had one semi-viral one yesterday with 54k impression.
Gain 1000 followers on linkedin since the pod started. And, I love commenting on other pod member’s post. So many diverse businesses, but we all have the similar problems and issues.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to know everyone and learning from their content. And, it works! My post impressions are up almost 60% over the last week. It is a commitment, but if you’re looking to build your social media presence, this is a great way to jump start your progress.


David Epstein, MD

These are my stats since starting the pods. I think that it’s working…😊


Just completed my first week of Linkein POD and I must say: "I LOVE MY POD amigos/ amigas" 🙂 Thank you!! I'm excited for week 2!!

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